Boston Cat Behavior Consulting, established at long last in 2016, provides cat behavior help for those in the Boston area and beyond. Services include phone and online consultations via Skype or Zoom and occasional in-home visits. For more information on the training and behavior issues addressed in these consultations, visit our services page. You will also find free advice (that might just help you solve your cat behavior problems – without a consultation) on my blog and resources page.

Here at Boston Cat Behavior Consulting, you’ll find a life long cat lover who understands the day to day struggles that cat owners face. Having always had more than one cat at a time for many decades, I’ve dealt with behavior issues in my home and have numerous solutions to share. Boston Cat Behavior Consulting (BCBC) is committed to providing you with straight forward advice to resolve your cat behavior issues as quickly as possible.  Learn more about why BCBC is qualified to help with your cat behavior challenges here.

Cat Behavior Problems Got You Pulling Your Hair Out?

Is your cat missing the litterbox or marking all over the house?

Does your cat hide from you and only come out at night?

Or perhaps your cat ‘needs’ you too much?

Concerned about how your cat and dog interact?

Aggressive in play with you or other family members?

Fighting between housemate cats?

Is your cat destroying your favorite chair?

Can’t get your cat into the carrier to go to the vet?

And more…

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